Call for Papers Think Twice Three, 2018

The Think Twice conference series brings together academics, politicians, and activists who are working on issues of direct democracy and online freedom, such as developing open source online resources. Individuals from different fields of expertise and backgrounds are invited. We are seeking a balance between those presenting research and those with experience-based discussions. The upcoming event will be held March 2nd and 4th, 2018 in Jerusalem, Israel. Prior Think Twice conferences were held in 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany and in 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey. Online video-discussion rooms will be available for those who cannot attend in person, including speakers.

Speakers are asked to present in a panel discussion (“Redefining Government Responsibility in Online Environments”), organize a workshop, or speak at the lecture hall. Critical discussions should be presented on one or more of the following themes: online democracy, the political challenges of governing a free internet, regulations and deregulations of online environments, freedom of expression, security communities, crowdfunding and local/global economy, creative commons and the controversies of copyrights, the future of the digital world, and other related topics.

To register to speak at the conference, please fill out the following form by February 1, 2018: 

Please provide a short summary about the discussion you would like to present and a short biography about yourself.

Speakers will be invited to submit complete papers after the conference for publication in a Journal for the Study of Online Politics and Opinions research. Full papers of up to 6000 words are requested by June 1, 2018. Papers will be peer reviewed and filed as a Creative Commons Journal.

The prior conference proceedings are available at this link:

Participation fee: Free for those attending online. For those attending in person, 100 shekels (25 euros), 50 shekels discounted rate for students, Free for volunteers.

Conference Link:

We would be grateful if you could distribute this call among your colleagues.

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