Mission What is Think Twice?

Think Twice is an international scientific conference organized twice a year. It’s targeted not just at the scientific community itself but at the public in general. It aims to form a bridge between academic work, the world of activism, online and in the streets, and politics. By doing this Think Twice hopes to contribute to a world were policy is more driven by science and hard facts then by the often irrational whims of a public opinion that is easy to manipulate by populists. Establishing a more open and direct democracy depends heavily on building a citizenship that is well informed and well educated.

Think Twice focusses on a broad range of topics including: copyrights, patents, citizen journalism, policy reform, education, security, data protection, surveillance, basic income, emigration, voting rights, non-proliferation, dual use technology, encryption, transparency, net neutrality, open data, e-government, crowd-sourcing, big data, artificial intelligence, globalization, social networks, hacktivism, activism, surveillance, digital activism, etc…

This edition is organized by a coalition of NGOs including Pirate Parties International, an umbrella organisation for Pirate Parties world wide, but this conference works completely independent and has no political agenda. The aim of the conference is to forge links between the worlds of the Academia, Politics and NGOs, to foster a mutual exchange of ideas and experiences that are worth sharing.

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